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Phoenix Airgun Club @ Dawlish


Phoenix Airgun Club offers facilities for its members to enjoy target shooting at targets in a safe, controlled, enjoyable outdoor environment.

Nestled in the countryside near Dawlish our facilities include a 100 yard air rifle range, 18 yard air pistol range (both with covered range buildings from which to shoot from), a 55 yard rifle range (no covered building), clubhouse, car parking (with parking for the less abled nearer the club house) and toilet facilities.

The club is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.

We cater for people from 8 years of age upwards and actively encourage all ages, gender, able and less able persons to shoot.

Learning to target shoot is not just about shooting a gun at targets. The safe handling of an air gun is paramount & involves a number of skills including discipline, concentration, dexterity, memory, patience. It can also engender pride, improve social skills and an increase in confidence and self-awareness and is especially beneficial to those with learning disabilities.

Advice, guidance and mentoring are freely available if required, ensuring everyone shoots in a safe, controlled and enjoyable environment.

Want to join?

We are currently accepting applications for membership regardless of age, gender or ability.

We currently charge a non-refundable £20 joining fee for all new and/or lapsed members.

The annual membership fee is currently £60 and membership runs from the 1st March to 28th February.

Membership runs from the 1st of the month that your application is received and those joining after the start of the membership year (1st March), will be charged a pro-rata fee.

The annual membership fee for Juniors under 18 is £20. However, no membership fee is payable by Junior members where a parent/guardian is a full member.

All new members undergo a three month probationary period during which we like to see you on at least six occasions to assess your suitability. We may extend the probationary period at our discretion.

New members will need to provide a passport style photograph (for your membership card) & complete a membership application form. These can be emailed to

Please note there are restrictions regarding the use of airguns for those who possess a criminal record.

The applicable legislation is replicated below for guidance.

Section 21 Firearms Act

Section 21 prohibits the possession of a firearm and ammunition (under any circumstances) by a person who has been Convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of imprisonment (or its equivalent for youth persons) of 3 months or more. The prohibition applies in all shooting circumstances, including handling and firing at an approved shooting club where a certificate is not ordinarily required. It also applies to the possession or use of other categories of firearms and ammunition such as AIRGUNS or shotgun cartridges for which a certificate is not needed.

A sentence of 3 months to 3 years attracts a 5 year ban, shorter sentences mean no ban. Over 3 years means a lifetime ban.

Find Us

We are located in the rolling hills of the Devon countryside, just outside Dawlish. For more information please text in the first instance to Ken 07941965857 or Graham 07809761812. Please note visits to the club are strictly by appointment only.

Phoenix Airgun Club, Hensford Rd, Dawlish EX7 0QX
50.598333 N 3.4834127 W
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phoenixairgunclub @
Ken 07941965857
Graham 07809761812


Phoenix Airgun Club believes that age, gender, physical or mental ability should not be barriers to participation in airgun shooting and as such we are committed to making the sport as accessible as possible.

The club currently has members ranging in age from 8 to 80 + and our facilities are mainly wheelchair friendly and we will do our utmost to accommodate members with specific requirements.

Less-abled and able-bodied people can suffer from loneliness and depression. Phoenix Airgun Club offers the opportunity to socialise in a safe environment and enjoy a sport with no gender or physical barriers.

There are currently no other outdoor airgun clubs in South Devon with facilities for the less able and Phoenix Airgun Club is proud to be leading the way in making target shooting accessible for all.


Rifle Range
Rifle Range

Phoenix Airgun Club has two air rifle ranges.

The 100 yard air rifle range incorporates a wide choice of metal resettable (knock down/knock up) targets placed at various set ranges. Members using this range are seated in the covered building allowing all weather shooting to take place. The covered building has step free ramp access.

The 55 yard air rifle range incorporates a wide choice of metal knock down targets (knock down/pull cord to reset) placed at various random ranges, angles/heights. This range is shot from firing points outside of and alongside the covered building.

Pistol Range
Pistol Range

The club has a 18 yard air pistol range incorporating a wide choice of metal resettable/spinner targets together with competition paper targets.

Members shoot from a covered building that has step free ramp access.


Open on club days. Seating area and calor gas cooking facilities for members who wish to bring their own food & drink. Lighting & portable calor gas heating.

Limited toilet facilities are available


On site car parking area for able members with designated upper parking area nearer the club house for less able members.

All year round vehicle access.

Our Story

The Phoenix Airgun Club was founded in June 2019 by a small group of airgun enthusiasts with the aim of creating a friendly, welcoming club where members, regardless of age, ability, gender or experience could join together and enjoy the sport of target shooting.

Starting with no money and an empty field, the fledgling Phoenix has relied upon its members creativity and resourcefulness to build up the club. We have aimed to use reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible and everyone has pitched in, be it with a saw, drill or kettle to shape our facilities.

Today the Phoenix boasts a plinking range, pistol range, a variety of targets, a clubhouse and a spirited and enthusiastic membership.

An empty Devon field provides our blank canvas..

Club Governance

Safeguarding, Governance and Club Rules

Phoenix Airgun Club is committed to full & complete compliance with all the necessary rules & legislation regarding airgun shooting as well as accepted best practice. All members are required to adhere to club rules at all times.

We have a 'Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults in Target Shooting' Policy available for inspection in the clubhouse.

We are fully insured and affiliated to the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA). The NSRA is the national governing body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting.

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  • Any instruction given by the designated Range Safety Officer MUST be followed immediately and all decisions of the Range Safety Officer are final.
  • When carrying guns around the club guns must be unloaded and magazines must be removed from multi shot guns.
  • When carrying guns around the club grounds, guns must be carried with the muzzle pointing at the ground.
  • All members must handle their air guns in a safe manner. “Muzzle sweep” must not be allowed to occur.
  • One whistle blast signifies a ceasefire. All guns must be discharged, pointed at the ground and remain idle whilst ceasefire is in place.
  • No sighting is allowed during a ceasefire
  • Two whistle blasts signify shooting can continue.
General Rules
  • All full members on arrival at the club must sign in for insurance purposes.
  • All full members must carry their membership photo ID card at all times when at the club.
  • Guests can only shoot with a full member in attendance and on arrival at the club must sign in for insurance purposes.
  • Only the targets provided on the practice range are to be used. No other items are to be placed on the range.
  • Gun bags/cases and slips must be stored in the gun bag rack at all times.
  • Gun bags/cases/slips/other items must not be placed on the shooting bench within the practice/zero area thereby taking up space that other shooters can utilise.
  • Guns must not be left unattended on the shooting bench within the practice area.
  • Smoking/vaping is allowed in the designated smoking/vaping area only.
  • All members are expected to act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
  • Only lead pellets are to be used on the ranges. Steel pellets/BB’s must not be used.
  • The use/taking of drugs and alcohol within the club ground is strictly forbidden.
  • The shooting of any wildlife within the club is strictly forbidden.
  • The use of foul, abusive and offensive language is unacceptable, particularly in the company of minors.
  • All members will be expected to participate in the upkeep and maintenance of the club.
  • Any person discovering any wrong doing must inform a club committee member as soon as possible.
Junior/Less Abled Members
  • Juniors may only be allowed to shoot at the club’s discretion.
  • Juniors allowed to shoot must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • One adult may supervise two children but only one child may shoot at any given time.
  • The club will make all reasonable effort to make it possible for less able persons to participate in the shooting activities at the club.
Potential New Members/Guests
  • On arrival at the club for the first time potential new members/guests will submit their air guns for chronograph test to ensure compliance with current air gun legislation.
  • Any potential new member/guest whose gun is found to be shooting in excess of the legal limit (12 ft/lbs for rifles, 6 ft/lbs for pistols) will be given the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to their gun to ensure compliance.
  • If on the day the necessary adjustments are made the potential new member/guest gun will be re-tested to ensure compliance.
  • If the necessary adjustments cannot be made on the day the potential new member/guest will not be allowed to use the gun.
  • The potential new member/guest may, after making the necessary adjustments return to the club on a Saturday only for re-testing to ensure compliance.
  • The potential new member/guest is expected to have a reasonable knowledge of current air gun legislation. Copies of airgun law are available on request.
  • The potential new member/guest must have sufficient knowledge of and be able to safely demonstrate re-filling of any pre-charged pneumatic air gun they own. If any doubt exists the potential new member/guest must seek advice from a suitably experienced club member.
All Members
  • Chronograph testing of air guns to ensure compliance with current air gun legislation may take place at any time.
  • Members are expected to submit their guns for chronograph test when requested. Any member who refuses will be deemed to be in contravention of current air gun legislation and will be asked to leave the club immediately. The club will then consider cancellation of that persons membership.
  • Any member whose gun is found to be in excess of the legal limit (12 ft/lbs for rifles, 6 ft/lbs for pistols) will be given the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to their gun to ensure compliance.
  • If on the day the necessary adjustments are made the members gun will be re-tested to ensure compliance.
  • If the necessary adjustments cannot be made on the day the member will not be allowed to use the gun.
  • The member may, after making the necessary adjustments return to the club on a Saturday only for re-testing to ensure compliance.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in your membership being withdrawn.